These are all original stories written under a pseudonym. They are not public domain, but if you give full credit to the author and this site, you may re-publish as long as you don’t make a profit. In all other cases, you should get in touch..


All these stories are intended for an audience that can handle a certain amount of irony, sarcasm mixed in with some existence issues, like death. So you might not want to read this if you’re easily upset, or very young. However, everyone should decide for themselves, unless you can’t in which case this warning is pretty useless as well. Just don’t come crying after, remember, you’ve been warned!

The stories

Note that these are now shown oldest first, as requested by the author.

Cows Don’t Mean Any Harm (Dec 7th 2007)
Don’t Hijack My Ferrari (Dec 11th 2007)
Deep Down Disco (Dec 11th 2007)
The Avian Revenge (Dec 11th 2007)
The Penguins Go South (Dec 11th 2007)
Animals and Politics (Dec 11th 2007)
Meeting Meerkats (Dec 12th 2007)
The Hat (Jan 17th 2008)
Just A Hairy Horse (Jan 19th 2008)
This is not how it is supposed to be (March 17th 2008)
This Is Not Our Culture (May 21st 2008)
Remove That Hair (June 1st 2008)
Milk, Blue-eyed rattle snakes and Blows (July 10th 2009)
The Nose Desire (July 11th 2009)